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three kayaks, three paddle boards, and row boat on the sundownwer on lake george beach with the water of lake george and adirondack mountains in the background

Amenities at the Sundowner on Lake George

Live Life on the Lake!

Top 10 Things to do at the Sundowner on Lake George:

  1. Take a dip in our heated swimming pool.

  2. Enjoy the cool Adirondack air from the Sundowner hot tub.

  3. Build a sandcastle on our private beach.

  4. Roast S'mores around the fire pit.

  5. Take our kayaks out for a paddle on Lake George.

  6. Master the use of a stand-up paddle board.

  7. Take the rowboat fishing on Lake George.

  8. Fire-up the barbecue for a cook-out.

  9. Go canoeing on Lake George.

  10. Have the best, most relaxing vacation ever at our family owned hotel on Lake George.

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