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sun rising over the adirondack mountains and lake george with the sundowner on lake george beach and picnic area

Our Family Owned Lakefront Hotel on Lake George

Dear Guest,

My family and I invite you to the Sundowner on Lake George.  We are a family owned hotel in Lake George and a throwback to the days when hotel owners and their guests were on a first name basis.  We are a locally owned small business that supports the Lake George community and other small businesses.  When you reserve a room with us,  you are supporting me, my three children (that's them to right) and the dreams of the Sundowner team.  Thank you for that.  

The Sundowner on Lake George offers an escape from the "plugged-in" life in front of a computer screen.  Embrace the calm and tranquility of the Adirondack Mountains and Lake George.  We have a heated pool, a hot tub, a beach, an outdoor fire pit, free kayaks, paddle boards, a canoe and a rowboat.  There is plenty to see and do. Take the time to enjoy your friends and family.  Facebook, social media, deadlines and commitments will be there for you once your vacation in Lake George ends, we promise.  These are the moments that you will hold-on to.

In 2021, we began renovating rooms and public areas, adding kitchens and private decks and a rustic Adirondack feel to many of our rooms and cabins.  2023 continues the momentum with new cabins, suites and amenities.  We are very excited to host you and I personally invite you to the Sundowner on Lake George.  

Yours Truly,

Rob Gregor

two little boys wearing a Gregor hotels little league basball uniform for Lake George youth commission
two little boys sitting in adirondack chairs eating a cookies with a Lake George Baking Company bag in between them
Baby girl with a pacifier in her mouth and pink bow on her head
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